2020 Candidate Interviews
Let’s face it: election seasons are tough. Sometimes, its easy to miss the most important points just trying to weed through all of the noise. This makes it challenging to be as informed as we should be before casting our ballot. Though the November election dialogue is very focused on the presidential race, local elections deserve an equally strong focus. The individuals who are elected to serve locally — at the city or county level — have a great deal of influence over the policy that governs our daily lives and communities. 
This year, we’ve extended invitations to each County Commission candidate to participate in a brief interview to talk about their views on the issues that affect the county and, in particular, Open Door Ministries’ surrounding community. Each one is fairly short, but full of information and perspective from each candidate who responded to our invitation. We hope these videos help you gain the perspective you need to be fully informed when you have your say on election day!